Data at the Speed of Now

By Floyd GoodrichAugust 22, 2017

Micron’s new 9200 series of NVMe SSDs is the company’s flagship performance family and the second generation of NVMe drives!

In today’s technological world, new and more demanding workloads are dramatically multiplying the variety, volume and velocity of data. Your IT team must somehow manage all this data effectively using the budget they are given. Solid State Drives (SSDs) offer a way to easily modernize your storage infrastructure and deliver results.

Building upon the success of the 9100 SSD, called “the highest performing enterprise NVMe SSD we have yet to test in our VMware environment…”, Micron recently released the new 9200 series of NVMe SSDs, delivering even more impressive performance numbers than the Micron 9100 SSD! The new 9200 series boast industry-leading performance while maximizing application throughput into business advantage and minimizing latencies for faster data access.

Key Specifications of the 9200 Series SSD

The 9200 series has the right capacity for your demanding workloads. Micron’s FlexPro firmware architecture enables you to actively tune capacity to optimize drive performance and endurance. The 9200 SSD is available in both 8TB and 11TB capacities.

More on the 9200 SSD and NVMe Interface can be found in the Product Brief. Download it now! You may also contact Dana Slater with product inquiries and questions regarding Micron’s 9200 SSDs.