Cree™ Presents Intelligent LED Lighting for the Horticultural Environment

By Chris MillerJune 1, 2016

Considering the range of areas packaged LEDs and SSL products are addressing in recent times, it can be viewed as the most progressive technology that the horticultural lighting system has witnessed in decades. The innovative technology, dramatically changing lives and offering growers a productive environment to maximize profits and reduce costs, is headlining the new era of modern horticultural lighting.

Bullish on sizeable expansion in a wide range of horticultural applications, Cree™, a global leader in LED lighting and valued supplier to WPG Americas, Inc., defined packaged LEDs and finished SSL products as innovations that will drive the future of LED technology much beyond creating good lights.

The Expanding LED market In Horticultural Lighting

Playing diversified roles like providing supplemental and photoperiod lighting for greenhouses and tissue culture lighting, LED-based SSL is most likely the biggest advancement in the controlled environmental horticultural lighting industry. Some of its important features include ability to provide controlled spectral composition, producing high-level light output, cost-effectiveness, and energy savings, among others.

Touted as the first light source that might truly optimize production in greenhouses and indoor commercial farms, LED—with special effects like “daily light integral” lighting and sunrise / sunset simulations—is impacting today’s horticultural lighting system in a big way.

Entering into a wide range of innovative areas, Cree™ is relentlessly exploring new possibilities and ideas through effective LED lighting utilization in varied horticultural environments like photosynthesis process, chlorophyll optimization, and plant morphology. Exploring new opportunities and focusing on constantly improving the efficiency of LED lighting, Cree’s research and development programs continue to contribute to the horticultural lighting environment.

“Better Light Is More than Beautiful Light” — Horticultural Lighting Innovations from Cree™  

With a portfolio that features a wide array of LEDs optimized for horticulture lighting, Cree™ is offering the industry’s best lumen density and optical control with excellent L90 and L70 lifetimes. The XLAMP LEDs — its range of horticultural lighting arrangement — includes comprehensive light spectrum strategies like white, royal blue, blue, far red, photo red and green. Cree’s color horticulture portfolio provides color wavelengths optimized for horticulture applications.

In addition to the color offering for horticulture, Cree also offers options for those who prefer “white light” or halogens for these applications. With high CRI (color rendering index) of 90+, their CXA and CXB portfolio push the boundaries of lighting-class performance by combining high quality of light with unmatched light output and efficacy for growers.

In summary, by enabling growers to reduce energy costs while increasing yield and productivity, Cree™ is progressing with the aim of revolutionizing the commercial horticultural lighting landscape.

Note that Cree™ also offers several solutions for Full Spectrum White to mimic natural sunlight; just one of the items that can replace halogen and fluorescents. Stay tuned – more information on this line of Full Spectrum White solutions is coming soon.