Cree's XLamp® XD16: All About Industry’s First Extreme Density LED

By WPG AmericasMarch 12, 2018

Cree, Inc., a market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs, LED lighting, and semiconductor products for power and radio-frequency (RF) applications, has launched the industry’s first Extreme Density LED, the XLamp® XD16—delivering up to 5 ½ times higher lumen density than Cree’s previous generations of high power LEDs.

The ceramic-based XLamp® XD16 has been developed on Cree’s pioneering NX Technology Platform to specifically address the challenges associated with LED fixture manufacturing, luminaire optical design, thermal management, and reliability issues that are frequently experienced by LED designers.

Integrating low optical cross-talk, industry-leading lumen density, unmatched thermal contact, and superior flexibility in system designing, the XLamp® XD16 enables the development of a wide variety of LED lighting applications, such as color-tuning, street lighting, portable, and industrial lighting. As such, industry experts believe that the commercial availability of Cree’s XLamp® XD16, will set new benchmarks for the growing LED industry.

According to Joe Skrivan, senior technical director at Black Diamond Equipment, Cree’s all-new XLamp® XD16 delivers the best-in-class light output, which is incredible considering its noticeably small package. Skrivan believes that XLamp® XD16's exceptional peak intensity and groundbreaking lumen output is sure to be a game-changer for climbing headlamp products, as XD16 can enable better beam control design and a reduction of overall size and weight compared to existing designs.

Key Features of XLamp® XD16 Extreme Density LEDs

Cree’s ceramic-based XLamp® XD16 LEDs delivers a lumen density that is more than 284 lumens per square-millimeter, the industry’s highest lumen density level achieved by any lighting-class LED commercially available on the market today. Additionally, the leading-edge XLamp XD16 utilizes the well-tried XQ footprint, which successfully addresses a wide range of critical challenges often related to luminaire manufacturing. For instance, XD16 successfully reduces system-level optical loss by almost three times, as compared to other conventional technologies, when LEDs are arranged closely on a board. This unprecedented performance optimization translates into higher efficacy for lighting fixtures, as well as leads to lesser wastage of lumens.

Some of the prime features of XLamp XD16 include:

  • Available in outdoor white and 70-, 80 and 90-CRI white
  • ANSI-compatible chromaticity bins 
  • 3-step and 5-step options 
  • Binned at 85 °C 
  • Maximum drive current: 2000mA 
  • Low thermal resistance: 6 °C/W 
  • Wide viewing angle: 135° 
  • Unlimited floor life at ≤ 30 ºC/85% RH 
  • Reflow solderable - JEDEC J‑STD‑020C 
  • RoHS Compliant in accordance with EU Directive 2011/65/EC (RoHS2)
  • UL® Recognized Component with Level 4 enclosure consideration

According to Cree LEDs Executive Vice President and General Manager, Dave Emerson, the new XLamp® XD16 Extreme Density LEDs demonstrate that true LED innovation improves customers’ system performance without forcing compromise. He stated that the XLamp® XD16 LEDs delivers unmatched lumen density without the design and manufacturing challenges associated with other LED technology approaches. Now, with XD16, lighting manufacturers can easily achieve previously unattainable levels of light output and efficacy in existing form factors, he added.  

Technical Specifications of XLamp® XD16 Extreme Density LEDs


1.6 x 1.6 mm

Maximum Drive Current

2 A

Max Power (W)

6 W

Max Light Output (lm)

726 lm

Maximum Efficacy at Binning Conditions (lm/W)

172 lm/W

Typical Forward Voltage

2.73 V White @ 350 mA

Viewing Angle




ANSI White

3- and 5-Step EasyWhite®

Thermal Resistance

6 °C/W




Key Application Areas of XLamp® XD16 Extreme Density LEDs

Cree’s XLamp® XD16 Extreme Density LEDs enable lighting designers to achieve striking improvements in efficacy, as well as lumen output, without actually having to increase the size of the LED array. This helps LED designers to easily deploy the XD16 LEDs in a broad spectrum of lighting applications. Some of the key application areas of Cree’s XD16 Extreme Density LEDs are as follows:

Directional - The XLamp® XD16 Extreme Density LEDs are fully-optimized for directional indoor lighting environments, including MR & PAR LED replacement lamps, accent lighting, track lighting, and spotlights.

Low-Bay and High-Bay - Cree’s cutting-edge XLamp® XD16 LEDs are expressly designed for both low-bay and high-bay applications, such as distribution-center lighting, warehouse lighting, and manufacturing lighting.

Roadways and Parking Spaces - The XLamp® XD16 Extreme Density LEDs are uniquely optimized for use in roadways and parking spaces, including highway lighting, tunnel lighting, parking garage lighting, street lighting, and parking lot lighting.

Consumer Portable - Cree’s XLamp® XD16 LEDs are perfectly suited for consumer portable-lighting applications, such as headlamps, lanterns, and flashlights.

Product quantities of XLamp® XD16 Extreme Density LEDs are available now with standard lead times. Please visit to learn more about Cree’s industry-leading XLamp® XD16. You can also contact WPGA Lighting Specialist Rita Megling for further inquiries.