Cree Announces NX Technology Redefining LED

By WPG AmericasMay 10, 2017

Cree Inc., global leader of premium LEDs, has announced the new NX Technology Platform, embodying advancements “in a number of components and technologies, including the new Dmax LED chip, a more efficient phosphor system, new package designs and simpler manufacturing processes.”

Improved Lumen Density

The new NX technology has ushered in a breakthrough in lumen density – 50% higher than the best LEDs currently available and up to 4x higher than Cree’s previous generation of high power LEDs! Better lumen density means new performance options for designs with space constraints, while allowing lower costs for high lumen output designs.

System Performance Optimization

When LEDs are placed closer together on a board, the NX technology reduces system-level optical loss, compared to competing technologies, resulting in 4x less optical loss. This improvement means less wasted lumens and higher efficacy for lighting products.

More Design Flexibility

The NX technology allows for innovative new lighting designs that were not possible with the lower lumen density LEDs. The NX technology platform is was created for the next generation of LED lighting systems.

Mixing multiple colors of LEDs is significantly easier with the NX technology. “Many future LED lighting applications, such as human-centric circadian lighting and horticulture lighting, are based on such multi-color LED designs.”

Manufacturing and Assembly is Easier

Eliminating the LED tilting and rotating problems after reflow soldering often seen in competing technologies, the NX technology allows for increased LED board manufacturing yield without compromising system reliability.

The XLamp XD16 LED

The first product available with the new NX technology is the XLamp XD16 LED. Features include:

  • Breakthrough lumen density up to 264 lm/mm2
  • Optimization for applications that need high light output and high LPW, like street lights and high bays
  • Higher performance luminaires with better light control

For more information about Cree’s NX technology, visit their website and contact a WPGA Lighting Specialist today!