COSEL TUNS Series – Igniting Innovation

By Rob GrayMay 1, 2016

COSEL, a leading name in the domain of power supply manufacturing has launched yet another innovative series to its already illustrious product line. The company has announced the release of its TUNS series that is replete with high performance capability, assured reliability and full compliance with safety norms. The product lineup from COSEL in the TUNS series includes:

  • TUNS50F
  • TUNS100F
  • TUNS300F
  • TUNS500F
  • TUNS700F

Each product is equipped to handle conduction cooling with built-in PFC in its AC-DC converter. It is therefore ideal for all those applications that eliminate the possibility of providing forced air and allows for heat to be conducted through enclosures. The product is also embedded with overcurrent, overvoltage and thermal protection circuits and provides high reliability and high density as its obvious feature benefits.

The TUNS50F series provides a maximum output of 50-50.4 W and a DC output ranging from 5v10A – 24v 2.1a while the TUNS100F series provides a maximum output of around 100 W and a DC output ranging from 5v20A -24V4.2A. The series provides input voltages of 85 to 264 VAD 50/60 Hz with PFC up to -96.

The TUNS300, 500 and 700 are COSEL’s latest entries in the series. The TUNS300 and 500 series provide a maximum output voltage of 12, 28 and 48 watts. Moreover, it could be adjusted by increasing or decreasing around 20% of its usual output to cater to specific requirement. These adjustments are achieved by installing an external resistor. 

The TUNS300 and 500 are capable of achieving around 90% of their capacity by using their in-built microprocessor and digital assist control. This helps the series to display high performance levels. Both series also provides a standardized version of the remote sensing functionality. The TUNS500F series is built to complement applications that require DC peaking power by displaying upto 10 seconds of peak power capability at 130% of its rated capacity. 

Inverter monitoring functionality is a critical activity in order to ensure the health of power supply and also be prepared to take necessary actions to mitigate issues if required. COSEL has geared its TUNS series to handle this crucial need by introducing the Inverter Operation Monitor functionality in the 300F and 500F series. This helps in monitoring and tracking the condition of the Inverter which is the life force of the power supply in all setups.

Harmonic attenuation in the TUNS series is in compliance with IEC61000-3-2 Class A. The TUNS series is also compliant with all necessary safety and RoHS norms. Its safety approvals include UL60950, C-UL, CE and EN60950-1. Moreover, it is also extremely reliable owing to the absence in the use of any aluminum or tantalum based electrical capacitors and comes with a 5 year warranty.

COSEL’s TUNS series is ideal for applications that require very high or very low ambient operating temperatures. They are also the chosen AC-DC power module for applications that are lodged in sealed equipment or those that are fan-less and function silently.

Most industry verticals prefer the TUNS series for its compactness of size, highly reliable nature and extreme efficiency factors. Some of the most common applications that are found to be equipped with COSEL’s TUNS series belong to domains like Telecom, Networking, Semi-conductor Manufacturing Equipment, RF, Broadcasting Equipment industry, Medical, and Military.