Cosel PCA600 Series AC-DC Power Supply

By Rob GrayMay 3, 2017

Cosel, worldwide leading provider of power supplies offering high quality, ultra-small AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters and noise filters, is now offering their PCA600 series with communication interface. The company is releasing the PCA600F – P2 and TP2 with limited communication function first.

Features of the PCA600F – P2 and TP2

Cosel’s noted history of providing ultra-small AC-DC power suppliers is carried through with the addition of the PCA600 series. Features include:

  • Low profile – 41mm
  • Universal input 85 – 264VAC
  • Constant current regulation
  • Output voltage can be varied to near 0V
  • Parallel operation possible
  • Monitoring function by communication with ability to change setting values

The P2 and TP2 models of the PCA600 series also feature extended UART, meaning it supports 21 (as opposed to around 70 of the standard version) types of communication commands. Extended UART is a communication standard based on UAR and enables isolated two-way communication with multiple units with just one cable, giving you the ability to control and monitor conditions of the power supply.

For more information about the Cosel PCA600 series of AC-DC power supply, contact a WPGA Power Specialist with your product specs!

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