Cosel Launches MG Series of DC/DC Converters

By Rob GrayJuly 14, 2016

Recently, Cosel announced new product variants in its MG series portfolio. The latest release adds 1.5 and 3 watt isolated DC/DC converters to the already existing 15 and 30 watt MG series product lineup. Cosel also plans further releases of 6 and 10 watt versions, which are scheduled for August, 2016. The new generation Cosel MG Series of DC-DC Converters combine high reliability and long life with an industry standard 1X1 or 1X2 form factor. The series, apart from providing the much needed flexibility to designers in tight PCB environments, also meets challenging market requirements of high density and high efficiency up to 89%.

Cosel MG Series Saves Space due to Its Compact Size Factor

The new general purpose DC/DC converters are smaller and compact in size than its previous version, the SU Series. Typically, the compact size and light-weight is achieved by applying synchronized rectification circuit. The latest products due to its compact Single Inline Package (SIP) reduce board space requirements by approximately 50% in the 1.5 watt version, 65% in the 3 & 6 watt versions, and by almost 75% in the 10 watt version.

Cutting-Edge Shielding in Cosel’s DC/DC Converters

MG Series comes in 6-sided Shielded Die-Cast Housing Metal Case. This means more utilization of valuable PCB space without the requirement of any additional shielding. Case size and dimensions of MGS 1.5W and 3W are SIP 6 (17 x12 x 8.5mm), and for MGS 6W and 10W it is SIP 8 (22 x 12 x 9.5mm).

Input and Output Voltage Specifications of MG Series DC/DC Converters

The newly launched MG series is available in assorted output voltages of 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, ±12V (+24V) and ±15V (30V). In the input segment, the MGS1R5 and MGS3 feature a 2:1 input voltage range (4.5–9 Vdc; 9–18 Vdc; 18–36 Vdc; 36–76 Vdc), while the MGFS1R5 and MGFS3 feature a 4:1 input voltage range (9-36Vdc; 18-76vdc).

Summary of Standard Product Features in Cosel MG Series of DC/DC Converters

  • Industrial standard SIP6 (MG1R5 / MG3), 1"X1" (MG15 / MGF15), 1"X2" (MG30 / MGF30)
  • High efficiency by synchronized rectification circuit (MGS15 / MGFS15 / MGS30 / MGFS30)
  • Fully Regulated 1500 VDC Isolation Between Input and Output.
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40C-+85C
  • Variety of available output voltages
  • Diversified array of Input voltages to choose from
  • 6 sided Die-Cast Housing Metal shield (MG15 / MG30)
  • Built in input fuse (MG15 / MG30)
  • Built-in overcurrent protection circuits (recovers automatically)
  • Built-in overvoltage protection circuits (MG30 / MGF30)
  • Built-in remote ON/OFF (MG15 / MG30)
  • Output voltage adjustability by external variable resister (MGS15 / MGFS15 / MGS30 / MGFS30)
  • High reliability : Not built-in aluminium and tantalum electrolytic capacitor for long life
  • CE marking
  • Low Voltage Directive
  • All MG series have a 10 year warranty (with condition)

MG’s have High Reliability and Low EMI. All DC-DC Converters in the MG series meet UL60950-1, C-UL, and EN60950-1 safety standards and approvals.