COB (Chip-On-Board) LED Arrays - Simplify Your Next Lighting Project

By WPG AmericasOctober 22, 2014

Why you should consider a COB LED solution for your next lighting product. COB LED Arrays consist of a large number of mid-power LED die, mounted to a thermally efficient substrate and encapsulated beneath a layer of phosphor to create a light-emitting surface (LES). This method of LED packaging has a number of advantages over conventional technologies like surface mount LEDs. Cree CXA25 LED driven at low current, illuminating LED die positions[/caption] This approach benefits users in myriad ways:

  • Compactness due to small LED chip
  • High lumen output from a very small area
  • Streamlined design process
  • Ease of manufacturing the lighting product
  • Extended lifetime, stability & reliability due to thermal performance

COB LED Arrays provide high lumen output (400 lm to >12,000 lm) in an economical package. End applications range from residential interior lighting (recessed cans, wall sconces, etc.) to industrial high-bay and outdoor area lighting. COB LED array products really excel in their ability to span the lumen levels for myriad applications, while also addressing Color Temperature and Color Rendering Index (CRI) requirements. The COB Array’s relatively small light emitting area, has spawned ecosystem of optics suppliers that offer off-the-shelf reflectors matched to specific end-applications. COB LED Arrays provide the raw lumens and key performance features for many lighting applications. (To be discussed further in our next video)  

Traditionally, LED light sources consisted of individual LED components attached to a common printed circuit board (PCB), often fabricated at electronic circuit board assembly facility. LED arrays, being off-the-shelf components, remove the need for PCB design and assembly tasks normally associated with LED component based designs. The absence of a PCB assembly greatly simplifies the supply chain and eliminates specialized in-house expertise required to successfully design a LED-based product. The COB LED Array arrives at the manufacturing location ready for immediate installation into the light fixture. 

The task of manufacturing the light fixture based on COB LED Arrays has also been simplified by suppliers offering mechanical holders/clamps. These clamps provide a solid mechanical mount, with a simple push-in electrical connection, ensuring a quality light fixture assembly. More often than not, the only tool need is a screwdriver. The WPGA Lighting Team has created a how-to video detailing the assembly of a COB LED Array featuring Cree’s CXA25 Integrated LED , an Ideal Industries 50-2102CR holder/clamp and thermal interface material from 3M. The video covers preparation, handling and assembly details.

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Be sure to come back for Part 2 of this series where the WPGA Lighting team will discuss optical and thermal components, along with a video demonstrating how to use these components.