Build Smarter Devices with Winbond’s Solution for Wearables

By WPG AmericasJanuary 9, 2017

Wearable devices, which exploded with a bang onto the IoT market have been a witness to momentous innovation in the past few years. This exciting range of consumer electronics, with their “shiny” new features, now includes an array of products like fitness bands, smart watches, smart glasses, wearable cameras, smart apparel, and smart accessories.

With usability and design at its core, smart wearable applications combine a processing unit, a memory device, sensor(s), and chipsets as its fundamental components.

Wearable Applications and Its Memory Requirements
As wearable designs continue to transform amidst developments in processors, microcontrollers, and packaging methodologies, the end use in most cases encourages the design decisiveness around its memory functionalities.

Some of the most successful brands in the wearable market space sustained the competitive harshness only because of advanced memory technologies that were capable of meeting design flexibility, as well as the ever-increasing storage expectations.

“What the industry is trying to do is take your laptop computer or your tablet or smartphone and shrink it down so it fits on your eyes, your wrist, any other part of your body,” says IDC analyst Ramon Ramirez, who covers the emerging wearables segment. “The pressure this puts on memory is absolutely tremendous.”

Seamless Designing of Smart Wearable with Winbond Memory Solutions
As observed with some previous launches, a smart wearable doesn't really take off if its style and fit are bulky. To approach this challenge, Winbond has developed specialty memory, particularly targeted at the wearable market. The company's industry-leading memory technology facilitates a variety of sleeker wearable applications to match user demands.

Winbond is helping OEMs pack more engaging feature sets into their devices, empowering them with an assemblage of unmatched storage solutions. Its cutting-edge memory technologies propel the high-end wearable market with an accomplished range of market-ready Flash and Mobile DRAMs that fit today's processors, displays, and storage.

The broadly classified industrial applications of Winbond storage solutions are-

  • Fitness Bands / Fitness Monitors
  • Smart Watches
  • Wearable Cameras
  • Smart-Eyewear
  • Healthwear

Technical Specifications of Winbond Memory Solutions for Wearables





Enable high performance processing

Boot code
Personal Data



Serial NOR
Serial NAND


32Mb to 64Mb

8Mb to 256Mb NOR 1Gb Serial NAND








-40C to 85C

-40C to 85C

Winbond will continue to innovate small form factor, low power memory technologies to cater the exciting breed of next-generation wearable.

This article is part 4 of the 8-part Winbond series. For more information about WInbond's IoT products, please contact a WPGA IoT Specialist.