Bel Power Solutions' SPSPFE3 Power Shelves Support Wide Range of Network and Datacenter Applications

By Rob GrayJuly 29, 2016

Bel Fuse Inc., power solution specialists and global manufacturer of premier power management devices, announced the expansion of its power shelf portfolio by including the SPSPFE3 range of power shelves. The shelves are ideal for a varied range of applications in telecom, networking and data-center processes.

High-Efficiency SPSPFE3 power shelf is capable of delivering up to 14.4 kW of output power. This shelf facilitates power supply unit replacement under live power operation while allowing for rectification, system management, and power distribution. Its flexible design curtails the installation and maintenance time, making installation easy with hot-swap insertion. The design also leverages ample scope for future expansion.

Technical Specifications of Bel Power Solutions' SPSPFE3 Power Shelves

The SPSPFE3 is a 1U high power shelf, which can be configured with up to six hot-swap capable pfe3-0xPFE3000-12-069RA AC/DC-DC power supply units. It can convert three-phase AC mains power into the main output of 12 VDC. The shelf is highly effective in powering intermediate bus architectures (IBA) in reliability servers, routers, and network switches.

All power supply units are interconnected within the high-efficiency power shelf. The PSU Modules support I2C communication interface, enabling better control, programming and monitoring with PMBus™ protocol. The I2C communication is routed thru an I2C Multiplexer (NXP PCA9547PW).

Technical Data

  • Input: 3-phase, 400 VAC Line to Line input with Neutral 1
  • AC Inlet Configuration: 3 power modules are powered from one AC inlet
  • Auxiliary AC Outlet: 3pcs low power AC outlet providing 230Vac output, protected by T 6.3 A / 250 VAC Fuse (serviceable)
  • Redundant Configuration: 3+3 or 5+1 configuration
  • Rated Power 1: 8700 W (3+3 configuration) 2
  • Rated Power 2: 14400 W (5+1 configuration) 2
  • Output Connection: 1 set of output blade for +12V DC output
  • Standby Output: 60W (Standby output 12V/5A)

Summary of Key Features

Bel’s SPSPFE3 power shelf is capable of supporting up to 6 high-power modules in either 3+3 (8700 W) or 5+1 (14400 W) redundant operation. The key features include -

  • Two 3-Phase inputs, one AC inlet powers 3 power modules.
  • Modules are hot-swap capable.
  • Modules support I2C communication interface for control, programming, and monitoring with PMBus™ protocol.
  • Protection measures included in SPSPFE3 modules are - Over temperature, Output overvoltage and Output overcurrent.

Market Availability of Bel Power Solutions' SPSPFE3

As of now, Bel Power has introduced three versions of SPSPFE3 power shelves targeting the EU and US market. The available variants are -

EU: SPSPFE3-02G: 3-phase 400/480 VAC line to line input with Neutral line

US: SPSPFE3-03G: 3-phase 208 VAC line to line input, without Neutral line

EU: SPSPFE3-04G: 3-phase, 400 VAC line to line input with Neutral line

The power shelves generate a 12 VDC output, made available at the rear panel with three sets of busbar blades for the SPSPFE3-02G and SPSPFE3-03G variants, and one set of busbar blades for the SPSPFE3-04G model.

Dimensions and Application Areas of SPSPFE3 Power Shelves

SPSPFE3 has dimensions of 436 x 46.5 x 650 mm. The power shelf can be mounted to a 19 or 21-inch wide rack system with the help of adapter mounting brackets. The shelf is compatible with the ‘Open Compute’ rack design.

Application Areas

  • High performance and high-reliability server
  • Routers
  • Network Switches

Compliance and Certifications

Bel’s power shelves are RoHS compliant. It is certified by safety agency per UL/CSA 60950-1 and meets the requirements of EN60950-1. The system also meets the conducted and radiated EMI requirements of EN55022-A.

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