Bel Power Solutions Releases Next Generation 0RCY Series Regulated Bus Converter in an Eighth Brick Footprint

By Rob GrayNovember 19, 2017

Bel Power Solutions — premiere global manufacturer of power management devices — announces the launch of its next-generation regulated bus converter, the 0RCY-F0S10B. The new product is equipped with a 45-56 VDC input and a 10.2 VDC at 49 A output, which offers up to 500 W of high power in an eighth brick footprint.

Bel's regulated bus converter, the 0RCY-F0S10B, is designed to implement isolation and step down to produce a regulated intermediate bus for powering non-isolated Point-of-Load (POL) converters with a minimal 50 V/54 V source.

The isolated DC-DC 0RCY-F0S10B converter integrates secondary side synchronous rectifiers, digital controls, and an efficient thermal management system, which incorporates a superior design that ensures excellent heat dissipation.

Bel Power's regulated bus converter, the 0RCY-F0S10B, is outfitted with a primary side on/off, a secondary side Power Good signal indicator, and a droop function that enables the modules operating in parallel with high-output current sharing.

In addition, the 0RCY-F0S10B isolated DC-DC converter includes full protection features, such as overvoltage protection (OVP), short circuit protection (SCP), over current protection (OCP), over temperature protection (OTP), and under voltage lockout (UVL).

Key Features and Benefits of Bel Power's 0RCY-F0S10B Regulated Bus Converter

The next-generation 0RCY-F0S10B regulated bus converter incorporates a range of cutting-edge features, which include:

  • 45-56 VDC Input / 10.2 VDC @ 49 A Output 
  • Output /1/8th Brick Converter 
  • Isolated 
  • Fixed Frequency (300 kHz) 
  • High Efficiency 
  • High Power Density 
  • Input Under Voltage Lockout 
  • OCP/SCP 
  • Output Over-voltage Protection 
  • Over Temperature Protection 
  • Remote On/Off 
  • Parallel Operation 
  • Low Cost  

Primary Applications of Bel Power's 0RCY-F0S10B Regulated Bus Converter   

  • Networking 
  • Computers and peripherals 
  • Telecommunications

All the models of Bel Power's 0RCY-F0S10B isolated DC/DC converter are IPC-9592B Class 2 and Category 2 rated, approved to UL/CSA/IEC 60950-1, 2nd +A2 version, as well as IPC-9592B derating compliant.

You can download the F0S10x Series datasheet to know more about the next-generation isolated DC/DC 0RCY-F0S10B converter. Or, get in touch with a WPGA Product Specialist for further information and other queries.