Bel Power Introduces Next Generation Regulated Bus Converter

By Rob GrayApril 10, 2017

Bel Power Solutions, a global supplier of high-performance power supplies and industry-leading power management devices, announced the introduction of 0RQB-X0S10BG in their quarter-brick product portfolio. 

The high-efficiency, high power density 0RQB Series is a next-generation regulated bus converter with a 45-56 VDC input, and a 10.4 VDC @ 96.2 A output. The isolated DC-DC converter integrates secondary side synchronous rectifiers, digital control, and an efficient thermal management system that ensures effective removal of power dissipation.

Bel Power Solutions’ next generation regulated bus converter is offered in a quarter brick footprint starting at 1000 W. The premium product line incorporates exceptional protection features like OCP, SCP, OVP, overtemperature (OT) protection, and under voltage lockout.

The 0RQB Series is also equipped with a primary side on/off, secondary side Power Good signal indicators, and 2X output pins that effectively manage losses and drops when the current exceeds 100 A.

Bel Power’s next generation regulated bus converter is configurable with a wide array of pin lengths and combinations, which makes the 0RQB Series compatible with a range of PCB thickness.

The fully protected quarter-brick portfolio features a broad variety of input voltage range, firmly regulated output voltages, and industry standard trim equations. 

Key Applications of Bel Power’s Next Generation Regulated Bus Converter

Bel Power’s quarter-brick product family is specially designed for applications in systems that have high ambient temperatures and limited airflow.

System designers can use the 0RQB Series to enhance performance and reliability through improved thermal designs while lowering the cost of ownership. 

Bel Power’s next generation regulated bus converter, marketed in an industry-standard footprint, is ideal for deployments in areas like -

  • Networking
  • Server
  • Computers and peripherals
  • Military and Industrial applications
  • Telecommunications

The rated Class 2 and Category 2 0RQB series comes with UL/CSA/IEC60950-1, 2nd +A2 version approvals, and meets the latest IPC-9592B derating requirements.

For more information on Bel Power Solutions’ 0RQB-X0S10BG, please contact the WPGA Power Team.