AzureWave’s AW-CU300A EVB Wi-Fi Microcontroller Smart Energy Platform

By WPG AmericasJanuary 1, 2017

AzureWave Technologies, worldwide leading provider of wireless connectivity and image processing solutions, introduces their Wi-Fi Microcontroller Smart Energy Platform, the AW-CU300A EVB.

This highly cost-effective, flexible and easy-to-use platform is perfect for building the next generation of connected smart devices. The AW-CU300A EVB supports Ayla IoT Platform, which provides customers a complete solution to transform existing devices into cloud-connected devices with remote control, management and provisioning features.

Features of the AW-CU300A EVB

  • Marvell 88MW300, ARM Cortex-M4F up to 200MHz with DSP & FP
  • 512KB SRAM, 128KB ROM and internal 2MB Flash
  • Supports rich I/O interfaces such as UART, JTAG, GPIO, SSP, I2C, GPT, PWM, CRC, AES (128bit), SDC, DAC
  • Supports printed antenna or external antenna
  • PCB size: 75 x 85 mm

Application Areas

  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Connected Thermostat
  • Smart connectivity to various smart appliances

For more information about AzureWave’s AW-CU300A EVB and the Ayla IoT Platform, please contact a WPGA IoT Solutions Specialist today!