Artesyn Introduces New DoE Level VI/COC Tier 2 External Power Adapters

By Rob GrayDecember 5, 2017

Artesyn Embedded Technologies —global leaders in power conversion solutions — recently announced the launch of three new series of external power adapters: the DA10-M, the DP100, and the AD24. The new products will enable OEMs to meet the European Code of Conduct (CoC) v5 Tier 2 Directive and the Department of Energy (DoE) Level VI performance standards.

The CoC Tier 2 Directive and Level VI standards intend to reduce the waste of energy from external power supplies in a variety of applications including medical devices, office equipment, consumer electronics, and industrial products.

Key Features and Specifications of Artesyn's DA10-M Series

Artesyn's DA10-M series of plug-in wall-mount AC-DC power adapters deliver highly-flexible power solutions for test and measurement systems, telecommunications, instrumentation, medical, and computer peripherals.

The power adapter series and telecommunications with a wide range of fixed and interchangeable AC plug configurations for use in various countries. Customers can choose between two available options - a micro-USB output cable, or a standard barrel type plug.

Artesyn's DA10-M series incorporates a broad input of 90 VAC - 264 VAC, and an output of 5 VDC, rated at 10 watts. Key features of the series include excellent protection against short circuit, overcurrent, overtemperature, and overvoltage conditions. The operating temperature range of the series has been expanded to -10°C, which makes the DA10-M ideal for critical application environments.

Prime Features and Specifications of Artesyn's DP100 Series of AC-DC Power Adapters

Artesyn's new DP100 series of 100-Watt freestanding external AC-DC power adapters offer the most reliable and flexible Power over Ethernet (POE) solution for a wide range of desktop and portable applications.

The 100-Watt AC-DC power adapter series integrates a wide input of 90 VAC - 264 VAC, and a single, fully-regulated 54 VDC output, capable of continuously delivering up to 1.85 A. The DP100 series power adapters leverage a typical full-load efficiency of 87 percent, complying with EU CoC v5 Tier 2 and DoE Level VI efficiency standards.

The AC-DC power adapters are available with fixed AC plugs for China, Australia, the UK, Europe, and the US markets, with either a micro-USB output or a standard barrel connector.

Striking Features and Specifications of Artesyn's AD24 Series

The AD24 is a 24-watt freestanding external AC-DC power adapter series that applies high-efficiency switch-mode technology to comply with the efficiency requirements of Department of Energy Level VI and European CoC v.5 Tier 2 Directives.

The 24-watt power adapter series, available in a compact form-factor, is suitable for a variety of desktop and portable applications including test and measurement systems, computer peripherals, instrumentation, and telecommunications.

The AD24 series, featuring an LED power indicator and an AC input fuse, integrates a fully-regulated 12 VDC output, which delivers up to 2 amps. The series incorporates a wide operating temperature range, extending up to -20 °C, ideal for a range of demanding applications. Other key features of the AD24 series include protection against overcurrent and overvoltage environments.

Artesyn's new series of AC-DC power adapters meet the 60950-1 standards for IT equipment, and the K.21 ITU-T enhanced surge requirements for on-premise telecommunication equipment.

For more information on the new series of external power adapters, please contact Rob Gray, Director of Power Solutions for WPG Americas.