Advantech's Range of Industrial IoT Sensor Node and Gateway Solutions: The Perfect Match for IoT Applications

By Mike PecoraroDecember 19, 2017

Today, embedded devices are increasingly being transformed into interconnected smart devices, which require high-performance network communication bridges to quickly transfer raw data to the central servers for processing.

The network communication bridges that connect the end devices to the central servers need to be stable and reliable to ensure performance and efficiency, especially in scenarios where devices are placed in remote, harsh, and rugged environments. 

To help System Integrators (SIs) rapidly and easily develop wireless IoT environments, Advantech, a global solution provider in web-based automation fields and e-world computing, has introduced scalable sensor node solutions for IoT data acquisition.

The scalable sensor nodes, designed with a wide variety of integrated wireless network management and cloud connectivity platforms, combine Advantech's WISE-PaaS IoT software to cater everything from cloud-based wireless IoT solutions to sensors. The nodes integrate Advantech's leading-edge technology design and services, which include:

Certification-Ready RF Design

Advantech, to facilitate the seamless development of wireless IoT applications, offers verified node devices and wireless gateways with top-end software services like BSP/SDK, remote management APIs, and WSN APIs. IoT developers, equipped with these cutting-edge software services, along with certifications like FCC, CE, CCC, and TELEC, can start their projects instantly.

M2.COM IoT Sensor Node Solutions

Wireless IoT solutions from Advantech are precisely designed to be modular to enable flexibility in communication and sensor carrier board integration. To facilitate this, Advantech has created a new open standard called M2.COM, which is basically a sensor platform that applies a simple modular design to provide a robust platform for IoT sensors and nodes.

Wireless Intelligent Sensor-to-Cloud Solutions

Most IoT projects are complex in nature. Advantech, to help developers seamlessly meet standards and demands, has integrated the WISE-PaaS/RMM IoT software platform in its industry-leading WISE series, which enables accelerated development of IoT applications. Advantech's 'fully-loaded' WISE-PaaS integrated software platform includes the following features - 

  • Simple wireless sensor integration
  • Fast cloud connection
  • Remote device management
  • Wireless Sensor Node Design-in Services

Key Features of Advantech’s WISE Series Sensor-Node Modules

Advantech’s WISE-Series sensor-node modules incorporate a variety of IoT wireless solutions that combine BLE, LoRa, low-power Wi-Fi, and LTE-M for diverse IoT application requirements. The advanced series also includes IoT sensor node starter kits, which provide a comprehensive development ecosystem to help customers optimize their resources and quicken the time to market.

The WISE-Series Sensor-Node Package Includes:

  • WISE-1500 series sensor node modules
  • WISE-DB1500 development board
  • Debug board
  • Development SDK and user guide
  • Account for free trial WISE-PaaS
  • Accessories - cable, antenna, and adapter

Advantech’s WISE-1500 series supports a range of software stacks for the development of IoT sensor devices. Integrated with multiple IoT communication protocols, such as MQTT, AllJoyn, OSGI, and LWM2M, the series facilitates quick and easy data acquisition.

Advantech’s Leading-Edge Wireless IoT Gateway —The Wise-3000 Series

Advantech's WISE-3000 series of wireless IoT gateways leverages top-class wireless sensor technology, which aggregates both wireless sensor networks (WSN) and wired sensors. The series, with modular slot design, can easily adapt to multiple wireless technologies at regional RF bands, as well as various wireless communication protocols. Key features of the WISE-3000 series include:

  • Modular design
  • Multiple wireless connectives
  • Packets path hardware acceleration
  • Encryption VPN tunnel for security guarantee
  • WSN node management
  • Advantech WISE-PaaS cloud support
  • End-to-end application-ready solution

Advantech offers a comprehensive mix of programming tools, firmware, hardware, and OS to enable customers to quickly develop IoT sensor solutions. From sensor node design to test execution, system integration to software development, and troubleshooting, customers can take full advantage of Advantech's high-class design-in service to expedite their developments.

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