Advantech Enters the Next IoT Era by Launching the Co-Creation Model and Global Deployment

By WPG AmericasSeptember 7, 2018

Advantech, a leader in global intelligent systems, held an investors’ conference in March to announce its strategies for entering the next phase of IoT development. To expand local operations, Advantech will fully activate the deployment of branch locations throughout various regions. In addition, a co-creation model will be adopted to construct the industrial IoT (IIoT) ecosystem and strengthen the influence of vertical domains. Furthermore, the Advantech IoT Co-Creation Summit has been scheduled to take place at the International Expo Center in Suzhou from November 1 to 3, where the results of cooperating with various eco-partners will be showcased and a new vision for the next phase of IoT development will be mapped out.

Advantech’s Executive Director of the Board, Chaney Ho, stated that since taking over as executive director last year, he has been focusing on developing regional strategies and establishing development goals and directions for each region, all of which are based on their scope. In regions with a larger scope (i.e., Europe, the United States, and China), to reinforce the Advantech’s brand recognition in IoT and Industry 4.0, talent cultivation and an increased presence in local sales are the company’s primary goals to actively respond to recent developments in Industry 4.0 trends in the EU, plans by the U.S. government to shift production back to America, and the China One Belt One Road policy.

For medium and small-scale regions, Mr. Ho stated that Advantech will develop Japan/South Korea and India/Russia to generate US$100 million and US$30 million in revenues, respectively. The company also plans to further increase investment in Malaysian and Thai IIoT organizations, and new branch locations in Vietnam, Russia, and Turkey will be established through mergers and acquisitions as well as joint ventures. Advantech Headquarters will assist with the optimization of local organizations, talent, and culture, and will also seek business opportunities through a regional advisory board.

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