Abracon's Series of Passive UHF RFID Tags for Industrial and Data Center Applications

By Sarah RonkoskeAugust 10, 2017

Abracon, a leading manufacturer of premium-grade frequency control and signal conditioning components, introduces the ARTXXX-IC Series of passive UHF RFID tags designed for use on multiple surface materials including metal.

The passive UHF RFID tags incorporate Alien H3 IC’s, 512 bits of user memory, and 96 bits of EPC, complying with the IS0 18000-6C/ EPC Class1 Gen2 protocol. The superior RFID tags operate at 915 MHz, and have read ranges up to 9.0 meters.  

Abracon’s ARTXXXIC series tags are exceedingly suitable for asset tracking applications in industrial, cloud computing, heavy machinery, and the transportation sector. Abracon, for additional advantage, also offers antennas to customers who prefer to deploy their own RFID IC.

The ARTXXXIC series of ultra high-frequency UHF RFID tags, optimized for metal, provides a robust solution for high volume tracking with faster data rates and longer read ranges. The high-grade UHF RFID tags are ideal for tracking big packages that often have to endure rugged, industrial conditions.

Abracon's UHF passive RFID tags are preferred worldwide across all major industry segments including manufacturing and distribution, law enforcement and defense, data centers, and other infrastructural facilities.

Embedding RFID technology into the design adds significant value as it leverages top class benefits especially in supply chain management, material management, pipeline management, and a variety of critical applications.

Abracon's high-frequency UHF RFID tags deliver unmatched performance levels in applications like real time location services (RTLS), IoT, oil and gas, industrial asset management, transportation, automotive manufacturing, server, and cloud-based applications.

Key Features and Application Areas of Abracon’s Passive UHF RFID Tags

The passive UHF RFID tags can be used in a varied range of applications spanning across industry lines. Some of the prominent features and applications of the industrial-grade RFID tags are as following -

Abracon’s passive UHF RFID tags can be deployed in crucial applications like gas and oil drilling, toll collection, contactless payment, big construction projects, and practically any large-scale infrastructure that requires a precise, high performing tracking system.  

The industry-leading UHF RFID tags provide unprecedented advantages in fast-paced manufacturing, shipping, distribution, and logistics environments. The heavy-duty UHF RFID tags, unlike bar code stickers, can render accurate real-time data on the status of each and every individual item without the need to be in the line-of-sight between the tag and the reader.  

Installation Procedure of Abracon’s Passive UHF RFID Tags

It is mandatory to install the tag antenna in a housing. Industrial screws or 3M adhesive tape should be used to fix the housing on the finished product. Injection molding is another way for installing the tag antennas. The inject material is generally resin. Different resin composition requires different injection temperature depending on the end product.

Abracon’s passive UHF RFID tags integrate wide temperature ranges, robustness, long read range, and an inherent quality to be attached to practically any material including metal. The high-grade ceramic tags enable superior tracking of product throughout the manufacturing, distribution, and installation chain.

To learn more about the new ARTXXX-IC Series of passive UHF RFID tags, please download the product flyer. For product queries, contact WPGA Product Specialist Sarah Ronkoske.