Abracon's Compact Shielded SMD Power Inductor Designed for Automotive and Industrial Operation

By Sarah RonkoskeAugust 9, 2017

Abracon, a globally recognized manufacturer of superior frequency control and magnetic components, introduces the compact shielded SMD power inductor series comprising of two cutting-edge devices — the ASPIAIG-H6530 and ASPIAIG-H8540.

The automotive shielded SMD inductor series is specifically optimized for compact and low-profile applications that require low DC resistance, high density, and high saturation while maintaining high inductance.

Abracon’s compact shielded SMD power inductor series has been expressly designed to meet the challenging demands of the next generation DC/DC converters and switch-mode power supplies (SMPS). The leading-edge inductor series delivers unmatched size to power density trade-offs with inductance ranging from 0.22μH to 33μH.

Key Features of Abracon's Compact Shielded SMD Power Inductor

The best-in-class ASPIAIG-H6530 and ASPIAIG-H8540 use wire-wound construction and an advanced Fe-base metal material to fit the high-reliability requirements of industrial and automotive applications.

Prominent features of the SMD power inductor series include:

  • Low profile 3mm height for compact applications
  • Advanced and high-reliability wire-wound construction
  • Shielded construction reduces EMI
  • Automotive grade power inductor
  • TS-16949 qualified production
  • PPAP level 3 support
  • AEC-Q200 qualified with -40˚C to 125˚C operation
  • Low DCR down to 3.5mΩ improves efficiency
  • High saturation current up to 32A
  • Compact 7.1 x 6.5mm or 8.8 x 8.5mm options

Applications of Abracon's Compact Shielded Smd Power Inductor

The AEC-Q200 qualified ASPIAIG-H8540 is available in a low profile 8.8 x 8.5 x 4.0 mm package and the ASPIAIG-H6530 in 7.1 x 6.5 x 3.0mm.

The industrial-grade devices can be used in a variety of applications such as:

  • Height restricted applications
  • Automotive body electronics and comfort system
  • Automotive infotainment and entertainment
  • Automotive navigation
  • Transportation
  • Lighting, LED ballasts
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Industrial applications
  • Solar power
  • DC/DC converters and switch mode power supplies

Abracon's compact shielded SMD power inductor series is TS-16949, supporting PPAP level 3.

To learn more about the industry-leading ASPIAIG-H6530 and ASPIAIG-H8540 SMD power inductors, please download the product flyer. For product queries, contact WPGA Specialist Sarah Ronkoske.