Abracon's Antenna Solutions for IoT Applications, Wearables, and Smart Homes

By Sarah RonkoskeAugust 3, 2017

Abracon, a leading supplier of frequency control and magnetic components, offers a broad range of near field communication (NFC) and multilayer chip antennas for IoT, wearables, and smart applications.

Near Field Communication (NFC) Antennas — The ANFCA Series

Abracon’s ANFCA series of NFC antennas have been created from a thin-layered, flexible composition to facilitate the development of compact peel as well as stick antenna designs. These near field communication antennas, modeled for the next-generation applications, operate at 13.56MHz.

Abracon provides matching services for its ANFCA series to leading brands of NFC controllers. This presents additional value to enable EMC filtering and seamless antenna matching for optimized performance of discrete components.  

Features of Abracon’s ANFCA Series of NFC Antennas

Abracon offers customization service for its NFC antennas with matching coil shape and size to meet various application designs. Key features of the ANFCA series include - 

  • Customized solutions
  • Peel and stick antenna designs
  • Ultra-thin antenna structure (140 - 240 µm)
  • Ferrite backed design
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • Wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Matching to leading NFC controller 
  • Low cost

Applications of Abracon’s ANFCA Series of NFC Antennas

The near field communication technology is increasingly being integrated into modern mobile phones and tablet devices. The technology is incorporating readers in a varied range of applications. Key application areas of Abracon's ANFCA series include - 

  • Physical Access Readers – Door access
  • Cashless Payment Readers
  • Physical Access Credentials – Smart card readers
  • Smart Watches
  • NFC Wallets
  • Ticket readers
  • TecTiles
  • Rugged PDA with NFC for industrial use
  • Peer to Peer links to enable wireless links like WiFi
  • Multi-Functional Smart Cards

"The range of NFC antennas offered by Abracon will initially start with four sizes from 25x15mm up to 40x60mm, but we intend to greatly extend this range, offering a wider selection of shapes and sizes suitable for different applications," says Dean Clark, Senior Technical Manager at Abracon.

Multilayer Chip Antennas - The AMCA Series

Abracon’s AMCA series of compact chip antennas offer bandwidths from 90MHz to 200MHz with peak gains from +3dBi to 0.5dBi, depending on the antenna dimension.

The cutting-edge multilayer technology, integrated into the chip antennas, delivers an exceptionally low profile and lightweight solution, ideal for space-critical applications.

The AMCA series is specifically designed for ISM bands, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Zigbee at 2.4GHz applications. China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting (CMMB) at 2635 to 2660 MHz, and other IMT bands at 2.3 ~ 2.4GHz and 2.5 ~ 2.69GHz used by WLAN are also covered.

Key Features of the Multilayer Chip Antennas Include -

  • Low profile, lightweight form factor suitable for compact applications.
  • Ease of matching during application development
  • Broad range of bands ideal for multi-band applications
  • Improved SAR response
  • Wide range of form factors provide design flexibility
  • Better isolation for multiple antenna applications
  • Omni-directional radiation

Applications of Abracon’s AMCA Series of Multilayer Chip Antennas

The diverse package offerings enable system designers to achieve superior gain and performance in a variety of applications including:

  • Bluetooth Headsets / Intercoms
  • Keyboards / Mouse
  • Games Consoles / Controllers
  • Wireless bridge
  • Short range transmission suitable for medical devices
  • Personal security applications

Abracon’s NFC and multilayer chip antennas provide a low cost, low profile, high-performance solution for wireless equipment, wearables, smart home, and IoT applications.

To learn more about the ANFCA and AMCA series, contact WPGA Specialist Sarah Ronkoske.