Abracon Miniature Ceramic SMD Crystal for Mobile Phones and Wireless Applications

By WPG AmericasApril 9, 2017

The rapid emergence of new technologies and the ever increasing demand for ultra-thin form factors in new generation portable devices are bolstering the continuous development of microminiature electronic components. The dramatic drop in electronic equipment sizes is propelling the demand surge for miniature ceramic SMD crystals, which are an integral part in a varied range of consumer and industrial applications.

The compact architecture of micro-miniature ceramic SMD crystals is ideal for ruggedized applications that involve high vibration and shock, such as communications, instrumentation, cellular phones, and medical devices. 

Abracon, an ISO 9001:2008 certified worldwide manufacturer of premium quality signal conditioning, clock distribution, frequency control, and magnetic components, offers an unmatched portfolio of industrial-grade ceramic SMDs through its new ABM3 series.

Prime Features of Abracon’s ABM3 Miniature Ceramic SMD Crystal

The ABM3 product line, a smaller package alternative for Abracon’s ABM7 series, integrates kHz and MHz crystals specially designed and manufactured to deliver high performance and reliability in demanding applications. The key features of ABM3 series include:

  • AT-cut fundamental or 3rd OT mode
  • Suited for RoHS reflow profile
  • Tight Stability available ±10
  • Improved Ceramic package

Industrial Applications of Abracon’s ABM3 Miniature Ceramic SMD Crystal

Abracon’s latest ABM3 ceramic SMD crystal portfolio is offered in an ultra-small form factor of 5.0 X 3.2 X 1.3mm, suitable for a variety of industrial applications such as—

  • Cellular telephones, pagers
  • Communication and test equipment
  • PCMCIA and wireless applications

Abracon’s ABM3 miniature ceramic SMD crystal series is hermetically glass sealed to ensure unprecedented precision and high reliability. The entire product line is RoHS/RoHS II compliant and conforms to all other international safety guidelines.

Please contact the WPGA team for enquiries and tech support on the latest ABM3 series, or visit the official ABM3 miniature ceramic SMD crystal page for more information on standard specifications, outline drawing, and part identification.