Abracon Extends the AWCCA Series with New Wireless Charging Coils

By WPG AmericasJanuary 15, 2018

Abracon Corporation — a global leader in frequency control and signal conditioning components —announces the extension of its AWCCA Series with new wireless charging coils. In line with its efforts to develop high technology products, Abracon Corporation has introduced the new range of wireless charging coils for the AWCCA-38R32, AWCCA-48R32, AWCCA-50N50, AWCCA-53N53, and AWCCA-107T52 series. The new AWCCA series now supports a wide range of outline dimensions with a variety of shielding thicknesses and inductances, fully meeting the performance demands for wireless charging primary and secondary coils.

Key Features of Abracon's New Range of Wireless Charging Coils for the AWCCA Series

Abracon has extended its range of wireless charging coils with a specific focus on receiver applications and smaller size coils, as thin as 0.5mm, offering designers a wider selection, where otherwise they would have needed custom solutions. Prime features of the new range of high-performance wireless charging coils include:

  • Broad selection of smaller transmit and receive coils
  • Sizes starting from as small as 15 dia by 0.6mm.
  • Dual capability Tx and Rx coils
  • New thin 0.5mm Rx designs – AWCCA-30R30H05-C01-B
  • New designs offer alternative to custom solutions
  • Ensures faster time to market of products
  • Stock availability in distribution
  • The new range of wireless charging coils complies with RoHS/RoHS II

Key Applications of Abracon's New Range of Wireless Charging Coils for the AWCCA Series

  • Batteries and Battery Chargers
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Smart Watches
  • Digital Cameras and Camcorders
  • Wireless Charging Stations
  • Mobile Phones & Charging Accessories
  • Power Supplies
  • Power Tool Manufacturers

"These solutions provide cost-effective, high-performance coils for wireless power transmitters and receiver systems. They are designed and manufactured to meet varied system requirements while covering a range of single and multiple coils," explains Dean Clark, Senior Technical Manager at Abracon Corporation. "Wireless charging systems must conform to system requirements, thus the charging coil is a key element providing the magnetic flux that transfers energy from primary to secondary coils. To meet these requirements, a specific range of coil parameters are needed. The AWCCA series offers specific coil inductances covering 6.3 μH, 10.5 μH, 11.1 μH, 11.5 and 12 μH, 12.5 μH and 24 μH," adds Clark.

Abracon is offering a broad range of sizes for its new wireless charging coils, including, 38.5×32.5×0.9mm, 48.5×32.5×1.1mm, 50.0×50.5×3.5mm, 50.0×50.5×4.0mm, 50.0×50.5×5.0mm, 53.0×53.5×5.0mm, and 107.0×52.0x4.0mm. Besides the standard sizes, customized application-specific charging coil designs are also available.

High Q and low resistance are crucial to minimizing power losses. The new AWCCA series efficiently meets the requirement, while offering different thicknesses of high permeability shielding needed to protect sensitive electronics and to suit precise designs. While Abracon's AWCCA series comprises of 11 standard designs, products can be custom-made as per additional wireless charging coil standards required by the customer.

Abracon and its supply chain work closely with various wireless power standards organizations to provide RoHS/RoHS II compliant and A4WP approved wireless charging coils. For more information, download the product flyer. You can also contact any WPGA product specialist to learn more about Abracon's new range of wireless charging coils for the AWCCA series.