Abracon Chip NTC Thermistor Designed for Precision Temperature Measurement, Control, and Compensation

By WPG AmericasApril 2, 2017

Abracon, an industry leader in quartz crystals and a worldwide supplier of frequency control and signal conditioning components, recently introduced their Chip NTC Thermistor specifically designed for precision temperature measurement, compensation, and control.

Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistor is a thermally sensitive semiconductor resistor that displays the decrease in resistance inversely proportional to the increase in absolute temperature. The change in resistance exhibited by an NTC thermistor can be influenced by the ambient temperature as well as the internal self-heating of a particular device caused by a current inrush.

Major Benefits of Abracon Chip NTC Thermistors

Abracon Chip NTC Thermistors are ideal for a variety of temperature coefficients and resistance values that range from fairly low values to high coefficients and resistances. The key features of Abracon Chip NTC Thermistors include -

  • Incorporates Large B constant for enhanced temperature sensing capabilities
  • Precision design for high density
  • Integrates internal electrode for improved reliability
  • Exceptional aging stability
  • Introduced in an easily compatible standard EIA case size

Applications of Abracon Chip NTC Thermistors

Temperature and time are the two most commonly measured variables. Abracon NTC Thermistors offer a wide operating temperature of -55˚C ~ +125˚C that are extremely suitable for deployments in:

  • Temperature controllers, digital thermometers, and measuring instruments
  • Temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO), and transistor circuits
  • LED lighting driver, smartphone, power supplies, notebook, and disk drives

Standard Specifications of Abracon Chip NTC Thermistors

Storage Temperature

-10˚C ~ +40˚C and RH 75% (Max)

Preheat Condition

150 to 200 ˚C; 60 to 120 sec

Max temperature

260 ˚C

Allowed time above 217 ˚C

60 to 90 seconds

Maximum time at maximum temperature

10 seconds

Allowed Reflow time

2x (Max)

The Abracon Chip NTC Thermistor range is stable, durable, and has a long lifetime. All Abracon products and parts pass the required tests and standards, are RoHS / RoHS II compliant, lead, and halogen free.

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