Aaeon’s Comprehensive Range of SBCs Provide Solutions for Extreme Environments

By Mike PecoraroApril 6, 2017

Single Board Computers, SBCs, are standalone, COTS computer boards (processor, chipset(s), I/O ports or pin-headers and power input built into the board) work independently with the addition of selected memory modules and hard drive.

Aaeon, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms, offers a comprehensive range of form factors of SBCs to best serve customers’ needs.

Benefits of Aaeon’s SBCs

SBCs are essentially a ready-to-go hardware platform with expansion slots for additional features, allowing customers to spend their development time and resources on value-add software and application. Today, full-featured SBCs in small form factors easily fit into embedded devices, leading to the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Aaeon’s Complete SBC Series

AAEON offers six main form factors of SBCs, the largest being a 5.25” SBC, the smallest a Pico-ITX board. Wide temperature SBCs are also available for extreme environments, with operating temp of -40˚C ~ 85˚C.

  • 5.25”SBC
  • 3.5”SBC
  • PC/104 Modules
  • Pico-ITX Boards
  • RISC-Based SBC
  • Wide Temp SBC

For more information about Aaeon’s SBCs, contact a WPGA Embedded Specialist today and visit Aaeon's SBC website.