3D XPoint: 8-10x Denser than Conventional DRAM, up to 1,000x Faster than NAND!

By Floyd GoodrichApril 27, 2017


3D XPoint — a brand new class of non-volatile memory— is the first fundamentally new technology to be introduced in the memory space after more than 25 years!

Jointly developed by Intel and Micron, 3D XPoint (pronounced as "Cross Point") is a disruptive innovation in non-volatile memory technology that is 8-10 times denser than conventional DRAM memory, has a much longer operating lifetime, and is up to 1,000 times faster than NAND, the most popular non-volatile memory in the marketplace today.

With the rapid explosion of modern data and ever-increasing need for speed in new-age devices, the memory market is already under a strong pressure to transition to the next level of NAND performance. 3D XPoint technology, with its promise of fast, inexpensive, and non-volatile storage memory with low latency, is equipped to fill the gaps in the current memory architecture and serve as the basis for innovation in the future.

To learn more about the 3D XPoint technology, download our white paper to discuss the basics, advantages over existing memory technologies, and potential application areas.